Three (3) consecutive clicks detected. Now, preventing you from click bombing attack.

What is Adsense Protection

Adsense Protection is simply an Anti Click Bombing script that you can use in  your site to prevent any form of attack.

Read my story

I’ve been too busy working on my programming site to attract more visitors until I was disabled by Google due to click bombing. Of course, I did not click the ads myself and I suspect it was somebody who is very jealous with my site’s traffic growing in a rapid state.

I was in a vacation that time when the click bomber got his time and attacked my website, and when I went back home and open my Adsense account, I found out that there’s a lot of clicks. I quickly turn all my Adsense ads on my site off so that the click bomber cannot continue clicking on the ads. And as I believe, this is what most of the publishers are recommending in order to prevent such attack.

On the second day after disabling my Ads, I turn it on again to know if the click bomber will stop clicking on the ads but still, there are clicks! So to stop such attack, I did researched on the Internet until I came across one website that sells such script.It was

The site is selling its software through I tested the script yet I found out it useless. It really cannot prevent click bomber from attacking my site.

I continue researching for any alternative until I found It’s working fine before until I found out that this site  loses it’s functionality due to Google’s change on how it displays it’s ads.

Similar to asrep, I have also known most of the script that works before, but now they are all useless. The click bombing on my site occurred on November year 2009 but the attacked is still going on in my site and I am very desperate in finding a solution to click bombing.

One of the counsels that I read from other publisher’s mixed up says that “even your site is under attack, Google will understand that you are not doing it and Google will spare you”. But after receiving more than 5,000 and even it reaches closed to 10,000 clicks, my account was disabled before I was able to get my check.

Until I didn’t notice, third week of December was the unhappiest, not because I didn’t receive any gifts, but my adsense was disabled and I’m not very happy about it. Although my income is not as big as the other publishers, but $800 a month really gives me hope about financial freedom.

I did not lose my hope after that, and to continue monetizing my site, I used my friend’s account.

Using your friend’s account or applying for a new account does not guarantee your safety from click bomber. After month of finding a solution on how to prevent such attack, I finally created a script that WORKS!

It works because it can prevent click bomber from clicking continuously on my ads by banning his/her IP Address automatically after nine (9) successive clicks or as you defined in the configuration.

Buy Now for only $99.95.

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