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List of Adsense Protection Script That Work Before

There are numerous Adsense Protection Scripts before that work as expected but now they’ve come to pass due to the change of how Google serve their ads.

One of the best scripts before is asrep ( Asrep can detect how many clicks a visitor has initiated but cannot prevent an attacker from clicking an ad.

Another great program is clickaider ( Clickaider same as asrep can also detect click bombing but cannot ban an IP Address.

Banning an IP Address is very important to prevent a higher risk of banning your account. This is very true if you are in a vacation. It happens to me before when I was in a vacation and don’t have access to the internet. To know more about my story read on “What is Adsense Protection”.

AdsenseClickLock is also another adsense protection script that promises to help you with click bombing problem. But this program does not deliver a good result. I have tested it and request a refund after finding out that it does not work.

There may be other script that works before but their existence is not necessary at this moment since they are not working anymore.

If you want a total protection to your Adsense account try AdsProt. It was design to safeguard your revenue. Visit our demo page to test if this script really works.

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