Three (3) consecutive clicks detected. Now, preventing you from click bombing attack.


1. What is Adsense Protection Script (AdsProt)?

A script that will automatically protect your ads from click bombing or fraudulent clicks.

2. Does AdsProt guarantee my account will not be disabled?

There may be different reason why Adsense publishers got banned. AdsProt only protect from click bombing (continuous clicks) or fraudulent clicks.

3. Does AdsProt run on Content Management System (CMS) enabled site?

Absolutely. AdsProt is designed to run on WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any CMS enable site.

4. Can you help me setting up this script for free?

Yes, we are ready to help you run this script on your site without your effort.

5. Does it run on static page?

AdsProt will still run on static page but it can’t ban the IP Address automatically since we are using PHP script to detect such attack.

6. Can I install it on more than one (1) website?

If you have multiple websites, I suggest you buy the unlimited license.

7. Can AdsProt detect single click?

It is possible but I don’t include it on our script since our primary purpose here is to detect only click bombing and not Adsense statistics report.

8. I have Google Custom Search on my site. Does AdsProt can detect clicks on it?

Yes. AdsProt can also detect click bombing on the Google Custom Search result. But make sure you did not choose the Google-hosted script. Google-hosted script displays the search box on your web pages and search results in a Google-hosted page. This means that our script cannot do anything if the search results are not hosted on your own site.

9. Will AdsProt slow down my site?

No. AdsProt install only a small file to your site to detect the click bombing and its size is not noticeable when your page load.

10. Does your script log the IP Address of the click bomber?

Yes. That’s exactly what this script do. It acquires the IP Address of the attacker and records its activity. If it exceeds the minimum number of clicks you specify in the AdsProt configuration it will automatically ban the IP.

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